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Sitelutions Dynamic DNS Update Clients & Specs

Sitelutions is compatible with many well-known Dynamic DNS update clients. Also, we make it easy for our users to develop their own clients by maintaining specifications on our open update infrastructure.

DNS Update Clients

Note: Update clients listed below are not written by Sitelutions -- please use them at your own risk, and please contact the software author for support, as we cannot support these applications.

Windows Clients:

Mac & OSX Clients:

Unix (and cross-platform) Clients & Scripts:
More clients coming soon. Please let us know if you have a problem with any of these clients.
Developers, please email us if you wish to have us add your client!

DNS Update Specifications

You can update your DNS Record(s) with a simple HTTP or HTTPS (recommended) request to our server. You can use this information to build your own update client. If you develop your client, we'd love to review it and post it here. Please contact us if you've built your own update client.

Update Specs
Script URL: http(s)://

Arguments to be passed in the URL (GET querystring):
  • user
         Your e-mail address as registered with our system (address you use to login).
  • pass
         Your password that you use to login.
  • id
         The record ID of the A record you'd like to update. Multiple IDs can be separated by a comma (",") character.
  • ip
         The new IP address for this record.
  • detectip
         If this parameter is set to "1", the ip parameter is ignored, and the record is updated with the IP address that originated the HTTP request.
  • ttl
         Optional field for time-to-live. If not provided, record's TTL is not changed.
Sample Update URL[email protected]&pass=SecretPass&ip=

Possible Update Responses: (Response is plain text [text/plain])
  • noauth
        User authentication failed (user e-mail address or password invalid)
  • success
        Record has been updated successfully.
  • failure ([description])
        Where [description] is equal to one of the following:
  • invalid ip
         You provided an invalid IP address (or didn't provide one at all) via GET querystring parameter 'ip'.
  • invalid ttl
         You provided an invalid time-to-live via GET querystring parameter 'ttl'.
  • no record
         You failed to provide a record ID to update.
  • dberror
         A database error of some sort occurred. This is an unusual and unlikely error. Contact support.
  • not owner
         You are not the owner of the record you are trying to update.
Please note that if you provide more than one record ID to be updated, the system will return multiple responses, each on a new line.