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Sitelutions Refund Policy

At Sitelutions, pleasing our customers is our highest priority!  The way we see it, we offer excellent services at extremely competitive prices. We're so sure that you'll be happy with our services that we offer a unique 60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. For InfiniPro accounts, we offer a 120-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You'd be hard-pressed to find another provider offering guarantees as bold as the one we offer!  This guarantee applies to Sitelutions SpaceTM, Sitelutions Redirection, and Sitelutions DNS. 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Refund Policy
Sitelutions, LLC. will refund 100% of your Sitelutions Space package purchase price.  We must receive the request for refund within 60 days of purchase (120 days for InfiniPro hosting).  Beyond the initial 60 days (or 120 days for InfiniPro hosting) from purchase, refunds will only be given on a pro-rated basis (for unused time), in the case of specific problems with our services which we cannot rectify. We aim to be fair with our customers, and will do whatever necessary to make things right.

Refund Terms and Conditions
We offer absolutely no refunds on domain names that have been registered through SitelutionsTM Registrar.  Like other registrars, we incur costs to register domain names for our users.  Therefore, we cannot refund registration or domain transfer fees.  All domain name registrations and transfers are final.  Should domain registration or transfer fail for some reason, we agree to re-initiate the registration or transfer for free until the transfer completes. If we cannot get the transfer to complete after five (5) attempts, we will gladly refund your domain transfer price upon your request. We will not provide refunds for "accidental" domain registrations or transfers. This means that if you initiate a transfer for a domain you do not own, or if you place an order for a domain transfer or registration of the same domain more than once, we will not provide refunds for the accidental transfer initiation or registration.

In the event that a Sitelutions Space hosting account or other non-domain service was accidentally renewed or automatically renewed, Sitelutions must be notified within 30 days of renewal or automatic renewal in order to provide a full refund for this renewal. If we are notified beyond 30 days after this renewal, a pro-rata refund will be offered, only for the portion of your payment that applies to services to be rendered in the future (services to be provided on the date(s) of and after the refund is requested). With the exception of our 60-day and 120-day Money-Back Guarantee, applying to InfiniSite and InfiniPro hosting packages only, under no circumstances will Sitelutions provide refunds for fees applied to services that were active under our platform prior to the refund request date, whether or not Customer was making use of these services.

In cases for which a user's account is terminated for sending SPAM (unsolicited bulk e-mail) or abusing our service in other ways, we will offer a full refund minus $10 for each suspected e-mail address to which the SPAM was sent to.  Based on complaints received, Sitelutions will estimate the number of addresses mailed. 

Under no circumstances will Sitelutions provide a refund or compensation for any damages claimed by customers. Under no circumstances will Sitelutions refund or provide a service credit for any fees charged to our customers by their banking institutions or credit card issuers. This means that we cannot provide refunds for bank overdraft fees, late payment fees, and other fees. Under all circumstances, Sitelutions' maximum liability shall be fees paid for hosting services within the past 120 days. With the exception of the 60-day and 120-day Money-Back Guarantee, applying to InfiniSite and InfiniPro hosting packages only, Sitelutions shall not have any liability for the cost of accidental domain registrations or transfers or any fees for services that were rendered (or active) prior to the refund request date.

All refund requests may be sent to us by e-mailing billing. If you prefer to send the request by postal mail, please send your request to:

Sitelutions, LLC.
5645 Coral Ridge Dr. #224
Coral Springs, FL 33076

You must provide your first and last name, contact phone number (with area code), and e-mail address that you have registered with our service. We also ask you to provide your reason for requesting this refund, even if you are within the initial 60-day or 120-day period.

Refunds may be issued to credit cards, via PayPal, or in the form of bank draft / check.  Method of refund will be determined by Sitelutions, LLC. Refunds are typically processed within 14 business days, but may take up to 60 business days to be processed.