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Sitelutions Services At-A-Glance
Sitelutions offers Sitelutions SpaceTM, which provides you with speedy, reliable web hosting, as well as all of the tools you need to make your site a success. Sitelutions SpaceTM offers a web-based control panel from which you can control every aspect of your site.   Whether you're an experienced webmaster or a novice, Sitelutions SpaceTM is the perfect way to host your site.  Check out just some of the features of Sitelutions Space, listed below:

Control Panel
You'll be able to control and modify your site from anywhere using our secure, easy-to-use control panel.  Our control panel allows you to configure every aspect of your site, configure our included CGI scripts or create your own, use the WYSIWYG editor to create and modify web pages using just your browser (no expensive software necessary), manage your shopping cart, databases, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, view your sites's traffic statistics, and more! Our control panel allows you to connect via SSL securely.

Web Mail, POP3, and IMAP!
Most of our accounts include the ability to create multiple mail accounts.  You can configure certain [email protected] to forward to other e-mail addresses, or automatically reply using an autoreponder.  Or, you can configure mail to go to a real e-mail account.  Each e-mail account is accessible via a POP3 or IMAP client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and others.  Or, if you're on-the-go, easily access your mail via IMAP.  Many of our accounts also allow you to create mailing lists to which your users can subscribe.
FTP and SSH accessFTP, and SSH (shell) Access
In addition to providing access via our control panel, you can update your site via FTP, and SSH (only included with some of our accounts).  This allows you to directly upload and download files from your site, and use FTP-compatible HTML editors, such as Adobe Dreamweaver to update your site.
Web Hosting FrontPage - All Versions Microsoft FrontPage
We provide Microsoft FrontPage extensions for every account.  This not only means that you can update your site via FrontPage, it also means that you can use FrontPage web components, such as hit counters, e-mail forms, and more.
CGI Access
Many of our accounts include access to pre-made CGI scripts.  These include various chat room scripts (giving you the ability to add a chat room to your site), guestbook scripts, clock scripts, counters, form submission e-mail scripts, search scripts (allow users to search your site), and more! 
Create Your Own CGI
Upper-level accounts allow you to create your own CGI programs, capable of interacting with databases or performing other custom functions.  We provide Perl (with tons of installed Perl modules), and PHP functionality! This gives your site the potential to have the power and functionality you need!

Forums & Chat
Use pHpBB (built-in!) to easily create message boards for your site.  Hundreds or thousands of users can sign up to use your site's message board.  All messages are archived in a database and user-searchable!  There really is nothing like a message board to facilitate great communication with a growing user base.

We also provide chat scripts that allow your users to chat in real time (instant messaging)!  Using forums and chat, you can truly create a community for those that visit your site.
Site Statistics
We provide three different traffic statistics packages to cater to your needs.  Webalizer, Analog, and AWStats are the statistics packages we offer.  AWStats is the most full-featured stats package ever created, offering you the ability to view how many hits your site gets, where these hits come from (country), what browsers are most popular among your users, which pages on your site get the most hits, which search engines send the most traffic to your site, and much, much more!  No longer will you be left in the dark about your site's traffic.
MySQL Databases
Many of our accounts include access to create MySQL databases.  Database access allows you to store information collected from your own CGI scripts, manage a password-protected user account base, and more.  MySQL is one of the most well-known, high-performance database servers out there. 
Many of our accounts include access to both the Agora shopping cart, as well as the incredibly powerful osCommerce application.  This allows you to run a mail-order business or any other business for which you need to accept payments from users.  osCommerce is a widely-used and highly supported open source online store solution.