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    Insider's Club Membership
Now introducing the Sitelutions Insider's Club! Membership confers a number of discounts and extra services that enhance the services we already provide. From great discounts, to enhanced support options, to more robust tools: the membership truly is a value that should not be passed up.
    Membership Features
  Free Membership Club Membership With Premium DNS
Hosting Addon Discount 50% 50%
Domain Privacy Discount 75% 75%
Backup Mail Discount 50% 50%
Hosting Discount 10% 10%
Domain Discount Average $2/domain/year Average $2/domain/year
Exclusive Sales Promos
Hosting Phone Support Standard +2 Phone +2 Phone
Domain Registration Standard InstaRegTM InstaRegTM
URL Redirection Enhanced Premium
Dynamic DNS Enhanced Premium
Instant DDNS Updates
DDNS Minimum TTL 1800 seconds 5 seconds
Queries per Month 5,000,000 20,000,000
DNS Services Enhanced Premium
DNS API Access
DNS FastUpdate Interface
DNS Support Fee-based Fee-based +2 Phone
This discount is applied to all addon purchases made for any hosting account.Domain privacy is a service wherein your WHOIS information is held secretly.This discount is applied to all Backup Mail slots purchased on your account.A flat discount on any and all hosting account purchases.A variable discount based on the renewal rate of the domain in question.Club members will be privy to exclusive sales, deals, and promotions launched by Sitelutions.Two phone support slots per month are added to each purchased hosting account's support plan for Club Members.Domains will be immediately registered in real time at the Root Level Registry with InstaRegTMThis feature will be available Q4 2011, where Club Members will be able to move domains to other Sitelutions accounts with ease.Redirection is no longer free, however Members will enjoy exclusive high speed redirection servers.Club Membership confers lower TTL's, allowing updates to propagate much faster.Premium DNS Club Members have access to True DDNS, with instant Dynamic DNS updating.Time-to-live is down to five seconds with a Premium DNS Club Membership.Members who have purchased hosting accounts are exempt from the 500k query limitation.Club Members are privy to enhanced and Premium DNS services, depending on which membership plan they choose.Premium DNS members will have access to an API, so that they can build custom applications as they need to.This feature will be available Q4 2011.Premium DNS members are able to contact our support team via telephone without incurring our normal DNS support charges up to twice per month.

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